Wonderful things that printed adhesive tape can do
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If you are a handmade enthusiast, who is always curious to make lovely decorations, sure that patterns printed in tape’s surface will satisfy you beautifully. Today we are presenting what is printed tape that addictive everyone. Set your mind up for this new idea!

Lovely items always make attention comfortably by many different ages, so releasing of   printed adhesive tape commonly responses this hobbies. Orginally, it has endorsement as same as normal tape to stick 2 surfaces together. But more special is instead of smooth and clear color as normal, this kind of tape is printed on surface a lot of pattern and lovely decorations, not only simple but also fancy textures, highlights.


Materials of this tape are made from nature phloems as bamboo, but the most common is gampi tree in Japan. About adhesive ability, they are as well as other kind of tape, but thank to cute and diverse patterns themselves so they are fancied and chosen by many people which for many different purpose.

Accordance with each avocation, they will use the one which has different color and decorations. The best usage of this tape is items in packing gifts. Instead of using the double side adhesive tape hiden between paper layer and ribbon layer, we can use directly and easily both of above actions. Stick on box of gifts as a type of decorating.

Features of this tape are lovely and exalted pictures, you might use it like a item for decorating on your walls, accordance with purposes, spaces, sizes of corners that you can explore your idea on that pretty walls. It might be stripe colour lines mixed together, or cut small lines to make cross or symbols on the wall.


This printed packing tape itself will replace frames for your memorable photos. Not only needn’t worry about sizes but can decorate with a lot of colors, brilliant patterns without coincidence.

If you are a busy person with load of schedules, these tapes can absolutely help you note your important activities by decorating it on desk calendar. That will help you arrange your job and life easily and give more time for relaxing. And housewives can also use this printed adhesive tape to stick notices in kitchen wall or fridge for many sundries.


By remaking the old items, you will surprise with its new appearance, How’s it easy! Only several simple steps - cut and stick and see how you made a new items for your room.

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