Double-sided foam tape

Double-sided foam tape is a special kind of adhesive tape designed with porous surface and convenient characteristics when used in advertising, industrial production, printing and wedding industries.

There are currently two types of adhesive tape: Yellow and Blue foam.

Yellow 2-sided foam tape

Features of 2-sided foam tape:

- Applied in indoor and outdoor buildings

- Paste on many materials: aluminum, glass, wood,..

- Withstands temperatures ranging from 3 to 120 degrees.

- The product are particularly elastic according to the weather.

- There are many different sizes and weights that can meet the diverse needs of customers.

Green 2-sided foam tape

The reason you should choose to buy Hanopro tape?

- Hanopro adhesive tape is the most competitive price on the market.

- Has good abrasion, high strength, no break.

- Fast delivery and payment from indirect and direct purchases.

- Free advice and design.


Can wrap each roll by shrink wrap film or as customer’s requirement.


- 6 rolls vertical shrink wrap

- 6 rolls horizontal shrink wrap

- 1 roll/shrink warp

- 1 roll/bag

Hanopro pioneered as one of the first and largest manufacturers of adhesive tapes in Vietnam and promoted heavily its capacity across continents through products of high applicability and compact designs with reasonable prices.

Please contact us to have the cheapest price

Hotline: 09 6789 9 777.


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