Transparent OPP Packing Tape


OPP packing tape is made directly from modern machines, which is imported original from foreign country to make sure the best service.  With enthusiasm staff, skilled labor and target to made the high quality products, we confidence in satisfying you. Ltd is the priority company in exporting products to developed countries such as: Japan and Korean. Every single step is watched and controlled tightly in system to make the best highly qualify products.

Hanopro Viet Nam production and commercial all kind of adhesive tape, stamp, catalogue, print logo .. with the cheapest price and service.


Nowadays, we have 2 factories in the North and the South of Viet Nam.

We are strong in producing and sealing tapes as required about size, skin, commodities... We are committed qualify to you with the best competitive price.

With qualified, professionally-trained staffs, and modern machinery equipment, we are trying to get better and better at satisfying customers’ requests.

Main products:

  • Parking tape, carton, OPP packing tape
  • 2-side tape
  • Electronic tape, PVC tape
  • Paper tape, painting tape…
  • Stationery tape
  • Warning tape, Flooring tape
  • Protection tape, Aluminum tape
  • Printing OPP packing tape, logo, brand.
  • Filament, Simili Tapes

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