Surface Protection Tape


Surface protective tape is produced to minimize the unexpected scratches or other effects to electrical and electronic goods when processing, delivering and storing. Surface protection tape is a product supplied in rolls with paper or plastic cores.

Hanopro surface protection tape’s features

- General color: black and white, transparent, dark blue

- Dimensions: 1250mm wide x 100m long; 1250mm wide x 200m long.

- Thickness: 50 – 70 Mic

- Stickiness: 100 – 1200g/cm2

Transparent surface protection tape


- Black and white tape: application in covering metal surfaces such as inox, aluminum, steel, advertising panel,..

- Blue tape: application in covering floor surfaces

- Transparent tape: application in covering glass, LCD screen,...

Blue tape

Hanopro pioneered as one of the first and largest manufacturers of adhesive tapes in Vietnam and promoted heavily its capacity across continents including America, France, Greece, Egypt, Senegal Republic, Korea, Japan and Singapore. 

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