Kraft Adhesive Tape Specification

Kraft paper tapes have a natural rubber based adhesive system that makes an excellent bond to most packing products and surfaces.



- Not leave glue after using.

Prevent the surface from outside factors.

Not to waste cleaning time after removing

- Concentrate technical factors




- High-temperature resistance

Withstand up to 180oC

Commonly use for packaging, wrapping heavy duty during long travelling

- Apply for variety of surfaces like wall, wood, steel, inox and plastic

- Long-term duration



Kraft adhesive tape applications

- Repairing carton, packing, wrapping long-distance goods,

- Mounting electrical and corrugated products in the textile industry and the paper industry.

- Interior decoration

- Masking for painting and spraying operations

- Anti-scratch

How to use

Just peel adhesive tape from the roll and place on the correct area (you may need to clean the location before placing the new piece of tape).


The reason you should choose to buy Hanopro tape?

- Hanopro adhesive tape is the most competitive price on the market.

- Has good abrasion, high strength, no break.

- Fast delivery and payment from indirect and direct purchases.

- Free advice and design.


Can wrap each roll by shrink wrap film or as customer’s requirement.


- 6 rolls vertical shrink wrap

- 6 rolls horizontal shrink wrap

- 1 roll/shrink warp

- 1 roll/bag

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