Fireproof PVC Electrical Tape

PVC electrical tape made of PVC backing and rubber adhesive is suitable for connecting, banding and strengthen the power circuit in the civil power set and sealing of indoor/outdoor electrical line.


- Be used for practical insulation applications.

- Advantages of PVC electrical tape are good insulation capacity, good thermal insulation and adhesion on various material surfaces.

- Resistant to temperatures up to 80oC.

- Difficult to catch fire, easy to turn off the fire.

- Useful for below 600V source.

Quality evaluation standards.

- PVC electrical tape must be made of special PVC film and rubber adhesive film with excellent fire resistance.

- High elongation helps create high adhesive ability. Can be used flexibly in many environments.

- Limit dust to the ability of fire and explosion.

- Leaving no glue after peeling.


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