Anti-slip Tape with Aluminum Base

What is the difference make Hanopro anti-slip tape with aluminum base outweigh than other conventional products? And what is the application of the product? We will clarify this kind of tape. 


Anti-slip tape with aluminum base is a Hanopro product with super-sticky adhesive property that can apply most different materials, with its water and UV resistance.




- Common size: 48mm x 100M

- Materials: Aluminum base, glue layer and draft paper liner.

- Yellow, black and yellow, and black color

- Tape has high friction, thickness; difficult to break


Anti-slip tape in bathroom


This is one of the high-end products directly produced by Hanopro manufacturer following by the advanced process to meet international quality standards. With its high applicability, super sticky and durable features, anti-slip tape with aluminum base is widely used in industry and manufacturing.


Stairs can cause slippery without safety items


It is used for in many locations, such as: Walkways, civil stairs (office buildings, hotels, apartments, restaurants, shopping areas, villas, hospitals, restaurants), stadium... and industrial stairs (ships, factories ...), home stairs, ...


People can use it to prevent slippery when going to swimming pools, bathrooms, wet places...

HanoPro pioneered as one of the first and largest manufacturers of adhesive tapes in Vietnam and promoted heavily its capacity across continents through products of high applicability  and compact designs with reasonable prices.

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