Aluminum tape

Aluminum tape (Aluminum foil tape) is applied during manufacturing / assembling refrigeration system. It is used to cover heat pipes of air-conditioning systems. Mostly used for heat pipes of buildings, kitchens, workshops. It is also used for heat insulation in factories, Industrial zones. Aluminum foil tape is widely used in many industrial fields because of its significant features, such as it can stand high humidity, it can work well in high chemical condition, it can stand well in high heat, and it works well in many different weathers.


Aluminum foil tape is formed by aluminium foils and coated with acrylic glue in one side or both sides. With such high-tech materials, aluminium tape is one of the most advanced products. It is designed charmingly and used in chemical industrial, electrical industrial and for decorators. It’s also made from aluminium fibre, very strength and untearable.


Aluminum foil tape is used in refrigeration industrial, for surface protection, to cover pipe connection, to cover welded surface, water proof, heat proof in refrigerator, and such those applications.


Some aluminium foil tape items:

+ Aluminium foil tape 48mm width: To protect parts of products in refrigeration industrial.

+ Aluminium foil tape 100mm width: To cover pipes of air-conditional systems.

+ Aluminium foil tape 20mm width: To apply in electrical/electronic industrials.

Foil thickness (Micrometer): 35 microns

Total thickness (Micrometer): 80 microns

Peel strength (PSTC-1): 18-22 N/25mm