Industrial OPP Adhesive Tapes

OPP stands for Oriented PolyPropylene, which is used common for packaging process by its outstanding features like high elasticity, good adhesive and great impact resistance ability.

Basic information

- Overall is 4.8cm wide x 100Y (90m) long. The general lengths are from 50m up to 180m or more. Tape thickness options are 40, 43, 45 and 50 mic.

- The thickness of polythylene film is from 0.025mm to 0.030mm. The thickness of adhesive coating is from 0.04mm to 0.050mm.

- Can be tensile by equal or higher 25N per cm

- The stretch ability is up to 150%

- There are diversified thickness according to purposes and demands with transparent, opaque, lemon yellow, blue and other suitable options.


Technical Details

Item name

Thickness (film/glue)



Holding Power

Tensile Strength

OPPM30 30 mic (23/15) 24 mm 40 Yards 22 hours 16kg/mm2
OPPM40 40 mic (25/15) 36 mm 50 Yards >24 hours 16kg/mm2
OPPM43 43 mic (25/18) 47 mm 60 Yards >24 hours 18kg/mm2
OPPM45 45 mic (25/20) 48 mm 80 Yards >24 hours 18kg/mm2
OPPM50 50 mic (28/22) 60 mm 100 Yards >24 hours 18kg/mm2
OPPM60 60 mic (40/20) 70 mm 200 Yards >24 hours 30kg/mm2
OPPM65 65 mic (40/25) 1260 mm 1000 Yards >24 hours 35kg/mm2

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