Delivery policy

Delivery method

To ensure the rights, customers can refer to the forms of freight delivery that Hanopro company is applying as follows:
- Customers receive goods directly at the office, factory, branches
- Delivery to the places of customers
* Note:
            - You have to check carefully the product, quality and quantity with order record, warranty                         documents (if any) before signing for receipt.
            - You pay for the delivery staff full or part of (if you have made a deposit) the total value of the goods purchased when the employee has all the following necessary documents:
               + Receipt record
               + VAT invoice (if necessary)
               + Signed and stamped receipt documents by Hanopro company

Subjects and scope of purchase of the company's products

1. All customers can buy products of Hanopro company.
2. We do not limit customer target as well as quantity of goods.
3. When ordering at Hanopro, there will be staff who give you advice and apply on your request according to your color, size, logo ...
4. Customers in all regions of Vietnam can easily buy Hanopro products by our branch system and agents selling products in different places.
5. Hanopro is also exporting its products to foreign countries so foreigners can also contact to place orders with the company.
Customers will be satisfied with the product quality as well as the policy of delivery services for customers of the Hanopro company.

Other condition, please contact to our Sales department to get the best deal: or 0967899777

Note: After receiving samples, please check your purchasing order. If there have any problem, please call back right away to Sales department to complaining and waiting for service.