Korea cloth adhesive tape of Hanopro
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Cloth adhesive tape is one of the most common form of adhesive tape made from cotton fiber which have a lot of colors.


+ Cloth layer with colors as: black, white, yellow, red, brown,..

+ Horizontal and vertical netting help this tape stronger and suffer the pulling force well.

+ Glue layer has high quality and suit for any climates.


Korea cloth adhesive tape of Hanopro

Cloth adhesive tape is directly manufactured by Hanopro. About this cloth tape, we can coat it with white or transparent glues. One of particularity of our product is cloth tape can be easily teared both ends of width, still guarantee adhesion. Korea cloth adhesive tape has good resistance with heat and cold weather, even though very low temperature in Korea. We researched about some kind of cloth tape used in Korea and found that many cloth adhesive tapes is decreasing adhesion in a short time, so we developed this adhesive tape which can overcome this problem.

Korea cloth adhesive tape, which is sold with competive price, especially is made from rubber so they have higher adhesion than the normal one. In addition to, they can be taken out without remaining glue on surfaces, which help surfaces clean. Cloth surface of cloth adhesive tape is able to resist oil, dust. Exporting of adhesive tape to Korea require that products must gain international standards about materials, manufacturing process, finished – products and equipments for producing.

For the big and hard market like Korea, each product have to go through inspecting process that is so harsh of QC force. It’s our honor to welcome Korea partners visit our company to check machines and research products for their decision.

Technical standards of :

+ Color: Green

+ Reliability: 12.5 Kgf/25mm

+ Elasticity : 12%

+ Heat – resistance: 85°C – 180 mins

+ Construct: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton

+ PE thickness: 92 ± 2 microns

+ Cloth thickness: 135 ± 5 microns

To get further information, please feel free to contact us.

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