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Double-side tape is one of the most popular tapes in the global market, is widely used in daily life, office or packing industry, etc..  Easy usage and cheap price are  impressive features make it more and more popular. But how to use double-side tape economically?

Select double-side tape suitable with using purpose

Firstly, when buy any kind of tape, remark to the width of rolls, accordance with using purpose to select the one has the best suitable width. Some types of width size to choose as: 5mm, 10mm, 20mm, 25mm used for offices, almost paper double-side tapes, OPP double-side tapes, etc.. Size 30mm, 40mm, 48mm, 60mm (10m – 1F, F is popular unit in packing tape industry), big sizes for cartons, packing in dustries or other specializations.

The way to select good and quality double-side tape


To use double-side tape sparingly, you should care not only unexpensive price but also good quality of glue, so adhesive sharply that they can’t be damaged by outside factors. Many customers only care the best adhesion.

Double-side tapes that are the best will remain adhesion without distortion between paper-layers. Insolating papers of tapes have ability for detaching frequently and no stiky or peeling.

Methods for using double-side tape

+ Estimate about the length need to use.

+ Only use double-side tape for dry surfaces, that will bring to you the best effect. If willing surfaces are wet, dry it first for the next step.

+ If use double-side tape to stick on the wall, should concern that strip can make sloughing or adhesive layer might be remained that make your wall bad appearance.

+ After using, roll it neatly and storage in the fixed position for the next usage.

+ Detach double-side tape from glossy paper, cut by scissors or hand to tear for obtaining the brief to use.

+ Stick 2 items together easily such as: stick pictures on the wall, stick wall brackets, other items.

+ When use double-side tape, you should detach smoothly along the used length. Avoid detaching over the length need to use. Don’t remove paper without beginning because glue might be intertwined.

To select the best double-side tapes, please feel free to contact us for further information.

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