Hanopro – Keep trading with business at one of the world’s safe countries
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The attempt of Vietnam government in pandemic rescue creates the operating opportunities  for domestic enterprises, specially exporting advantages. So that, Hanopro company strengthened its position when exporting to Australia by the faith on us in product handling before delivery.
Overall production was suspended at the start of Covid-19 explosion. However, after that situation, Hanopro gradually stablized the arrival orders from developed countries recently named as:
- OPP adhesive tape and PE film order to Korea in May
- PE stretch film to Japanese
- 40f OPP adhesive tape to Korea

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It can be seen that there are several challenges we have to overcome and ensure our work with partners both domestic and oversea clients.

Australia is confirmed as one of the world’s GDP top 10 biggest GDP. Then the opportunity to. Therefore, in order to export to this market, one of  the mandatory conditions which Hanpro have to complete is achieving certificate of SA8000 (This is a social responsibility certification) and certificate of ISO 9000. Noted that in the world there are only over 3000 enterprises which achieved certificate of SA8000; Beside expensive costs (> USD 15000), the conditions and costs which maintain SA8000 quaterly are very big.

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The order to export to Australia is OPP adhesive tape, with many different sizes following customer’s requests. Because this is a big contract, Hanopro took the initiative in using raw materials, supervising the production process to get quality products.


Since of long traveling, the packaging and preservation of products are the most important steps to finish work. Australian standards are also very specific and rigorous, but Hanopro quickly prepare appropriate packaging and labeling systems. Because Hanopro always put our reputation on the top with a team of experienced staff.

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Hanopro is always a reliable partner of every business
Thank you for your keeping cooperation and staying with us!


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