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Aluminium adhesive tape is manufactured by Hanopro Co., Ltd which has high quality and cheap price in the market with the professional services.


Structure: This kind of tape consists of foils, which is inlaid, covered a acrylic glue layer on one side or two side.

Characteristic of Aluminium adhesive tape: With aluminum foil and stainless steel, it has the effect of adjusting the cooling, burning, oxidizing, moisture and it can cool well.

Applications: Metal adhesive tape is widely used in chemistry industry, mechanical industry and electronics industry. They are usually used to wrap air – conditioners in offices, schools, hospitals. Besides, they are also used for pasting the little details inside electrical equipments, the main of printers or computers.

Aluminium tape has many types with the different specifications:

Normal size: 48mm x 25m

Adhesion: 44 mic

Color: Silver

Packing: 36 rolls/carton, has 2 ways to pack, can be packed into rolls or into blocks, then shrinked carefully.

Other features: Bond tape – Aluminum foil tape – Silver adhesive tape

Roll size: 50mm x BE


Silver adhesive tape always reach the good quality by implementing some policies below.

Manufacturing policy:

Hanopro aluminium adhesive tape is particularly serious with time of customer. Thus, we always manufacture available products, not waste time for shipping.

Quality control policy:

Always control quality with ISO 9001:2008 system in manufacturing and business.

Payment policy:

Pay flexibly, deposit for manufacturing and collecting at sight when we complete shipping  goods and documents fully.

Guarantee, return goods:

Quality product and reputation are always the important concerning of Hanopro, so we are willing to get back the product which has low quality.

Inventory and standards:

Availble stock is always the effective method for selling. Almost customers want to get as fast as possible. So factories are always running for the stock.

Usage and remark:

Aluminium tape is a special kind of material tape, need to be protected in dry environment, resist humid and sun.

Hanopro Co., Ltd is willing to help our customer find the best solution with suitable budgets. Please feel free to contact us for the competitive price via email: Export01@hanopro.com, or drop a message to skype : Danghop_vp

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