Germany sticky tape art came to Vietnam
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Only with colorful tapes and flat wood panels, Berlin and Germany artists created a kind of art which is compeletely new and unique named Tape Art. The artists of Tape That with Germany sticky tape art came to Vietnam to show and display in the tour around the world.

In this diverse show, three of six members of Tape That would have some workshops to talk about creation with sticky tape roll, they showed directly and displayed to Vietnamese public a new art which is unknown widely “ Tape Art” in Hanoi Creative City, Hanoi and in the Station 3A, Ho Chi Minh city.


A product from Tape That

From 2011, Tape That made up artworks from tapes with structures, colors and different cubes. Art’s  form is origined from street art which made particularly itself with features of sticky tapes as: water resistance, flexible creation and hard to be destroyed. Mixing this materials with ideas made awesome pictures.


Some activities of Tape That.

Thanks to this convenience, Artists of Tape That could creat in many different places and openly spaces. Even though this could take place in ground, floor of buildings. Their artworks have being displayed all over Germany including: exhibition rooms, displays, picture rooms, art clubs, uninhibited buildings and big cultural festivals.

Look at the glass wall which is decorated by a lot of colorful lines. How’s beautiful! Proving that artists worked hard and creatively for this product. Yellow adhesive tape, red adhesive tape, green tape, white tape, so on. All of them were performed wonderfully in a stunning appearance.


Unstoppingly in Germany, Tape That did a lot of projects in the different countries in the world. Recently, They did some projects co-operated with many organizations as: Peru, Quatar, Cambodia, UK, Bungari, Egypt, US,…

Asia would certainly be the expected area for their tour following days. According to one of members, this tour was not only opportunity for them to introduce this new art but also it’s a chance to discuss and gain more and more ideas for improving this sticky tape art.

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