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Hanopro Co., Ltd is one of the reputed company in Vietnam specialized in manufacturing products which meet packing needs. Besides selling in domestic market, we are also promoting export activities in the international market such as: EU, UK,US, Korea, Japan, Africa,…

Hanopro is monthly exporting 8 – 10 containers including: BOPP adhesive tapes and LLDPE stretch film to different countries. The yearly revenue reaches about 5 – 7 millions USD and the exporting value gains nearly 50%. All the products are sold with high quality and good appearance; until now, we have not returned any shipment, almost our customers are satisfied with adhesive tapes which is large motivation for Hanopro to prove our efforts in manufacturing and exporting goods.

In detail exporting activities, Currently, we are exporting about 700,000 rolls per month to Korea, over 300,000 rolls per month to Japan and about EU, UK, US reaching 100,000 – 200,000 rolls per month. In addition, we made an agreement with partner from Greek in the lastest August, exported 1 container of transparent adhesive tapes.

In the near future, we expect that we will have more opportunities to export more other product lines including: PVC Electrical tapes, Clothing tapes, LLDPE stretch film, Silica gel… Product diversity help customers easily select the suitable tapes dependent on adhesive tape uses which they need.

To extent consuming scale, we trained staffs professionally about adhesive tape products, specializing skills and qualities for researching and developing markets. In present, Exporting deputy has 5 staffs in charge of exporting to different countries and finding more international customers. With enthusiastic and dynamic  workforce, we are going on the way to obtain our targets.

Hereby, we would like to introduce our products which was exported to customers in EU.

Adhesive masking tape

Adhesive masking tape (paper tape) is a kind of tape which can be written on its surface, they are manufactured from paper materials with dissolved rubber on one side, can be heat – resistant up to 1800C.

Besides product is used in offices, protect painting layer or gleam surfaces, it’s also used widely for labeling, writing title, packing gift, sticking light parcels, carpets, so on.


Products are cut into many different models suit for requirement of customer, common widths: 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 2.4cm, 3cm, 4.8cm… lengths: 7m, 10m, 15m, 20m… in addition to, it can be cut into any sizes to satisfy need and using purpose of customer as: 10cm* 50m.
Adhesive masking tape is manufactured with high quality by Hanopro Co., Ltd (Vietnam) which bases on modern machine line, competive price, especially quality is inspected to suit for the standard of ISO. This products are used to pack goods, gifts and so on with the high adhension and the good elasticity. We also stock general purpose masking tape and maintain an inventory of colored masking tapes and masking tapes that are used in a long time or high temperature applications. Our knowledgeable sales force will assist you in identifying the best masking tape for your application.

Adhesive sealing tape

Adhesive sealing tape is used for packing goods, is mainly called OPP, abbreviated from transparent Oriented Polypropylene. OPP tape is made from chemical compound which has high reliability, plastic, tenacity and a glue layer on surface. Adhesive sealing tape has a lot of type that is used in many fields in daily life, it is a reason that materials for manufacture also have the different sizes. Logistics and inventory are 2 fields which has the big need in use. All of products, which is transported from seller to buyer, need to be packed carefully to send conveniently. To protect merchandises longer and cleaner, packing is necessary, thus sealing tape exactly is effective method.


Transparent tape is cut into a lot of size accordance with customer’s need.

Common sizes of adhesive sealing  tape include:

  • Width: 1F (VPP), 1.2F (VPP), 1.8F, 2F, 3F, 4F, 4.5F, 4.8F, 5F, 6F, 7F, 8F, 10F,……
  • Length (1Yard=0.9m): 10Ya (VPP), 20Ya, 30Ya, 40Ya, 50Ya, 60Ya, 70Ya, 80Ya, 90Ya, 100Ya, 110Ya, 120Ya, 130Ya, 500Ya, 1000Ya,…
  • According to meter: 20m, 25m, 40m, 70m, 80m, 100m, 120m, 150m,… or according to kilograms: 1,1kg/pcs/6 rolls; 1,7kg/pcs/6 rolls; 1,8kg/pcs/6 rolls; 1,9kg/pcs/6 rolls; 2kg/pcs/6 rolls; 2,2kg/pcs/6 rolls; 3kg/pcs/6 rolls; 3,6kg/pcs/6 rolls; 1kg/pcs/rolls,...
  • Diverse colors as: yellowish, clear, red, yellow, orange, green, black, blue,…

Aluminium adhesive tape

For efficient heating and cooling jobs involving thermally conductive, heat and light-reflective surfaces, our foil tapes come in the broadest portfolio available. They're flame resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures, high humidity and exposure to UV rays and most chemicals. These indispensable, metal-backed tapes are made with industrial-strength adhesives, so they can take on the toughest jobs.


To help customer gain exact information for this product, hereby, we are introducing some useful items:

Structure: Aluminium adhesive tape (highly heat – resistant, silver color) has ingredients consist of aluminium foil which is inlaid and cover a acrylic layer on a side or both of sides.

- Function: these advance product is high aesthetics with many outstanding functions, used in chemical industry, electricity or decorations.

- Application: used in electronics industry,… used for smooth, protect surfaces, connect welds, cold – resistant, wrap the pipes in the insulation, connect insulating,…

- Some common applications:

+ Aluminium tape 48mm: used for sticking equipments in electronics industry.

+ Aluminium tape 100mm: used for wrapping pipes of air – conditioners in malls and advance department.

+ Aluminium tape 20mm: used for sticking some details in electric equipments.

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